Campus Rally

Free Speech Takes Work

Free speech is currently up for a vote in Georgia. Specifically, campus free speech protections are being argued in the

Shane Hazel
Press Release

Shane Hazel is Back & He’s on Fire!

Shane Hazel Burst Back Into Politics & He’s Running For US Senate GEORGIA: Today, Shane Hazel officially launches his US

Meeting Minutes

Excom Minutes – January 13th , 2020

The following members were in attendance; Ryan Graham, Laura Williams, John Monds, Elizabeth Melton, April Brown, Allen Buckley, Seth Benton,

What is a Libertarian? a Gadsen flag upgraded from patriotism to peaceful tolerance in the libertarian adaptation "Don't Tread on Anyone." When someone asks, "What Is a Libertarian," show them this.

What is a Libertarian?

It’s one of the questions we get most often: “What is a Libertarian?” Someone who believes you own yourself. Someone


2020 Convention: Day 1 Highlights

Highlights from Day 1 of the LPGA convention: Opening Keynote: The heroic and humble Catherine Bernard of Spartacus Legal Foundation

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