Meeting Minutes-January 2021

Chairman Ryan Graham called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM

Motion to adopt the agenda was unopposed.

Old Business:
PSC 5 vacancy, Marc Douglas nominated
by Ted Metz, seconded by Angela Pence. Passed unanimously.
Discussed need for volunteers for candidate Support committee phone banking.
Discussed Zoom and 8×8 for publishing meetings.

New Business:
Laura Williams has resigned. Angela Pence nominated Zach Varnell. Seconded by Ted Metz. Passed unanimously.
Zach Varnell nominated Laura Williams for A- 1 Large. Passed unanimously.

Angela Pence made a motion to amend the convention budget by $1,000. Seconded by John Turpish. Passed by majority.

Zach Varnell moved to amend budget to allow $100 for Libertarian Party of West Georgia Convention. Seconded by Stephen Mclure. Passed unanimously.

Stephen Mclure made a motion to amend
the agenda to add an item to discuss raffle. Seconded by Seth Benton.
Stephen Mclure made a motion to amend
the budget to allow $100 to complete raffle permit. Seconded by David Barker.
Passed unanimously.

Ryan Graham gave the Chair’s report.
Zach Varnell gave the Vice Chair’s report.
Amber Howell gave the Secretary’s report.

Eric emailed Treasurer’s report

Adjorn at 8:11 PM.

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