Spike Cohen

KEYNOTE VIDEO: Spike Cohen at LPGeorgia Convention 2021

Spike Cohen is one of the most exciting, unifying voices in the Libertarian movement today. We were honored to host Spike at our convention and we’re proud to share his message of inspiration and liberation with you.

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We’re loving this across-the-spectrum outreach:

37:28 “Let’s be clear that the corporatist system that we are in right now

is basically the first thing that would fall under a libertarian society where we have really been able to dismantle the system of power mega corporations are not going to be able to exist in a society that has a truly free market.

Not because of any regulation but because of the lack of regulation

Regulation is something that is imposed by people in power in order to create and entrench and grow their market share and and it really boils down to that if you look at any of the things that are happening on a meta scale in any sector of our economy whether we’re talking healthcare, education, housing… any of these things it can be boiled down to people that have positions of power in that sector using the regulatory state to impose their market share and make sure that no one can truly threaten it.”  – Spike Cohen, Hapeville Georgia, March 2021
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