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Veterans on Cannabis Policy: LP Georgia

Atlanta — On Veteran’s Day, The Libertarian Party of Georgia took part in the annual rally hosted by OnePlant United and Peachtree NORML (Georgia’s chapter of the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Law)

Comedian Kevin Frederick says, "Mind Your Business, AJC!" when he finds out his favorite Waffle House failed its health inspection. Still image from his YouTube channel.
Where’s the Waffle House of Healthcare?

Ever eaten in a Waffle House? Do you travel on Southwest? When we need to save money, we will sacrifice some of the niceties.  Sometimes we’ll use gross bathrooms and grimy silverware, if it means

Tom Palmer
Tom Palmer, the Gay Man that Helped Secure Gun Rights

Many Libertarians are familiar with the Supreme Court case Heller v DC which affirmed the individual right to own a firearm guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment. Fewer people are familiar with Palmer v DC, which

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