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July 31, 2018
Martin Cowen for Congress

Yemeni Civil War

A war is raging in the Middle East of which most Americans are unaware. The war is co-sponsored by America […]
July 16, 2018

The Plight of the Libertarian – By Beth Malin

Jeez, it can be hard to be a libertarian! We are known as the pot smoking, delusional, “tin foil hat […]
July 13, 2018
The Georgia LibertyCast

The Georgia LibertyCast: What Are Affiliates and How Do You Start One?

Please join host Brent Hilburn as he talks with Vice-Chair and Affiliate Coordinator Ryan Graham to learn about “all things” […]

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9 hours ago

Libertarian Party of Georgia

Ted Metz is the obvious choice ...People are sending me the best memes...

#gapol #libertarian
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Ted Metz is the obvious choice ...


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How about no one?

The GOP sorta 😂😂😂loves small government ... See MoreSee Less

The GOP sorta 😂😂😂loves small government


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Yeah, because private national security is a viable option...🙄

None of those things are socialism. When did the Libertarian party get so dense?

Is this page seriously suggesting we shouldn’t have law enforcement or border security or a military? I think we may have drifted from Libertarian to Anarchy. least 2 of these are in the Constitution.

The only one I have a problem with is social security. If they where to dismantle it give people their money back. Or at least make it the money can not be touched for any reason other then to pay social security benefits. I would be just fine with dismantling it as long as everyone gets some form of compensation for what they have put into it up until that point.

At least two of those are constitutional, and legitimate function of government. The others not so much.

Surely you arent as advocating for a pvt military?

Lolbertarians lose again.

Don’t forget socialized transportation.

This is why you lose elections.

Protecting the country and its citizens is actually government's number one function and duty.

So you are advocating the dismantling of these?

And the failures of these programs, expense, corruption and inefficiency is one of the best arguments against socialism

Private armies and private police are not good options. Not to mention that the USPS is a rather cheap organization. Border security goes hand in hand with being a sovereign state. All sovereign states need a population, a government, and a well defined border. This is why Libertarians will never win an election.

John, really you posted this? Accurate? Not! National security is critical for a Nation. Post Office is run like sh*t, but like government institution, badly. As every government environment is run. Border wall, needed, not socialized. Social security, we paid 4 big time,not socialized, except 4 our politician thieves. This post is BS, not libertarian!

“Why can’t the libertarian party gain traction in elections”

Lol, I wish I could opt out of social security

So by their logic any government is socialism smh.

So big of a small government that it is nearly indistinguishable from big government.

Oh contrare mon cher: school choice, personal control of social security funds, make Mexico pay for the wall, ups & fed ex...........

Mail is pretty cool

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Take a Stand for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes, and More Freedom. You In?