Meeting Minutes – September 14th, 2020

Chairman Ryan Graham called the meeting to order at approximately 7:01 PM.

A motion to approve the June agenda was made by Ted Metz.

Stephen Nekalia gave a LNC report.

Old Business
Ballot access lawsuit update. Fundraising and Outreach committee chairs are still open. 6 resumes received for executive director position, interviews to be scheduled.

New Business
3 Executive Committee Vacancies. Logan Smith was nominated by Angela Pence, seconded by Laurie Williams. Vote on condition if he accepts nomination. Vote passed unanimously.  Seth Benton made a motion to remove Theodore Hamby from membership director. Membership director stepped down. Committee reports sent via email and uploaded.
Motion to approve the Greater Athens Area Affiliate made by Ryan Graham, seconded by Zach Varnell. Passed unanimously.
Amber Howell nominated Theodore Hamby to executive committee. Seconded by Seth Benton. Motion failed.

Chair’s Report (Ryan Graham)

Vice Chair’s Report (Laura Williams)
No update.

Secretary’s Report (Amber Howell)
No update.

Treasurer’s Report (Evan Durkovic)
The treasurer’s report was distributed via email to all ExComm members on September 14th.


Motion to adjourn made by Ryan Graham, second by Ted Metz.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:34 pm.

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