Meet the LP Georgia 2022 Candidates—Attorney General and Secretary of State

Attorney General—Martin Cowen

Martin Cowen for Congress

Martin Cowen, an attorney and former associate probate judge, will be running for Attorney General on a libertarian platform of justice reform and medical freedom. By ending qualified immunity, no-knock raids, civil asset forfeiture, and the war on drugs, Cowen seeks to return law enforcement to a role that protects and serves the citizens of Georgia. Medical freedom, including protecting Georgia citizens from the potential abuses of vaccine mandates and passports, is one of his top priorities. Cowen knows that adults should be able to make their own healthcare decisions without government interference and aims to protect doctors who practice medicine in good faith with informed consent.

Cowen is a long-time Libertarian, having attended the first Libertarian Party of Georgia state convention in 1972, and previously ran for U.S. Congress on the Libertarian ticket. “I have been studying freedom for over 50 years,” Cowen says. “Freedom is the protection of private property rights by rule of law.”

Secretary of State—Ted Metz

Ted Metz is a U.S. Navy veteran and former gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party. His involvement in ballot access initiatives, knowledge of electoral processes, and advocacy of election integrity makes him uniquely qualified to represent the Libertarian Party of Georgia in this role. Metz has appeared before the Georgia Legislature to advocate for the accountability of paper ballots over electronic means, and participates in multiple organizations that promote trusted elections.

His top priorities as Secretary of State would be creating unquestionable election integrity in Georgia to include signature matches, secure chain of custody, and elimination of electronic voting systems. “It should be easy to cast a ballot, but hard to cheat,” says Metz. “Georgia voters have a right to honest, transparent elections.

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