State of the State

This article was contributed by LP Georgia member, Colby Eggleston. The preamble to the Declaration of Independence ably laid out


Remembering Nancy Lord

Nancy Lord, M.D., J.D. February 8, 1952 – February 14, 2022 Nancy Lord was The LP vice-presidential candidate in 1992,


2A OpEd: Blaming the Bench

This article was contributed by LP Georgia member Johnathon Harris Why are we so interested in talking to the wrong


CBDC’s and Cryptocurrency

The Libertarian Party of Georgia recently passed a resolution in opposition to regulation on Bitcoin and cryptographic property. Due to


The Narcissism of Small Differences

The narcissism of small differences is a social phenomenon that describes a situation in which groups which are closely allied

Call to Action

Liberty Watch SB 318 Constitutional Carry

Bill: SB 318 “Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2021” Summary: This bill seeks to reinforce the 2nd Amendment rights

School Choice

Educational Freedom vs School Choice

This week, Republican legislators in the Georgia General Assembly introduced HB 999, a bill they are saying “funds students not

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