What the News and Media Doesn’t Focus on is Reality

A major theme of my campaign for Congress GA13 is that almost all news is Fake News. There is nothing that we see on Main Stream Media that is not ~curated~ to serve one of their purposes, usually nefarious. We are living in Plato’s Cave. Some “news” stories are literally fabricated. A common practice is the appropriation of an unscrutinized third-party lie followed by the trumpeting of that lie to national prominence because the lie serves a MSM purpose. MSM has these purposes:

1) to keep viewers watching (usually by artificially inciting conflict) in order to earn eyeballs and, thus, advertising revenue;

2) to keep advertisers happy by telling advertiser-friendly stories; and

3) to suppress stories that negatively affect advertisers.

What does the real world look like when one escapes Plato’s Cave? The real, newsworthy world is a world of war and famine inflicted by America upon various nations and regions of the world in order to keep money flowing to war profiteering corporations.

Did you know that American war and embargo on Iraq killed over 500,000 children as of 1996? The real, newsworthy world is a world of wealthy corporate constituencies running a puppet government for their own profit. No law is passed that is not for the benefit of some wealthy corporate constituency. (One need outlaw murder, rape, theft, and fraud only once.) These stories are largely suppressed by the MSM.

Because MSM and American government education have a lock (mostly) on that which American minds see and hear, my views necessarily will be regarded as, shall we say, eccentric.

Understand this: My goal and the goal of all Libertarians is that each and every man, woman, and child on earth live a long, happy, healthy, and wealthy life in freedom. Libertarians will never force you to do anything. We insist only that you refrain from hurting others and from taking their stuff. We call that the Non-Aggression Principle, NAP for short.

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