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The Georgia LibertyCast: Vaping Bans Reach Georgia, Republicans Suppress, and Presidential Debates

Vaping bans are gaining steam across the country, and Georgia is no exception. Republican lawmakers in the state House are considering a bill to ban flavored vapes in Georgia. Ryan and Laura discuss how this is a terrible idea and why there is no “crisis” to solve.

Republicans across the country are working to solidify President Trump’s campaign against primary opponents by canceling primaries in at least 5 states now. Georgia requires political parties take part in the Presidential primary, but the Georgia GOP has made some changes to it’s rules to help the President against challengers anyway.

The Democratic Presidential debates are coming to Atlanta! More importantly, so are the Libertarian Presidential debates! The Libertarian Party of Georgia will be hosting a Presidential debate on January 19 at our convention.

Atlanta PRIDE is this weekend and LP Georgia will be there celebrating individuality! Come out and help us table or walk in the parade with us on Sunday! Parade setup is near the Civic Center at 9:30AM.

The 2020 Annual LP Georgia convention is upon us and we have a ton of great speakers in mind! Head to the convention page to learn more and get your tickets today!

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