LP Georgia Stands Against Attempts to Circumvent the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Libertarian Party of Georgia recognizes the ability to keep and bear arms as a fundamental right, both constitutionally-recognized and grounded in natural law. The right to protect oneself from life-threatening aggression is a time-honored right, and is intimately tied to the concepts of self-ownership and self-preservation. Historically, disarmament campaigns have preceded the establishment of tyrannical regimes that have imposed their will unabated, where free people are rendered powerless to obstruct it thereafter. All state-ordained impediments to firearm ownership and usage, no matter how minor, are decidedly anti-libertarian and violate the basic precepts of individual liberty.

Furthermore, any attempt by the President of the United States to bypass and supplant the clearly-defined legislative process laid out in Article I, Section 1 of the federal Constitution, and enact gun restrictions of any kind against individuals in the United States, is a bold-faced perversion of individual liberty and the separation of powers doctrine that underscores the United States Constitution. The Second Amendment unambiguously prohibits any such interference with same rights, in overt terms. Moreover, the Tenth Amendment explicitly iterates that all powers not delegated to the general government, including the ability to regulate or restrict such items, are outside of the purview of the same government.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia hereby stands firmly against executive orders intending to regulate, restrict, or prevent the acquisition of firearms and munitions. Furthermore, it encourages all localities – state, county, and otherwise – to take defensive measures to nullify such orders by taking strides to prevent their enforcement at local levels.

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