Resolution Against Vaccine Passports

On April 8, 2021, the Libertarian Party of Georgia Executive Committee unanimously passed the following resolution:

WHEREAS; the principles of self-ownership ensure that no government has authority to interfere with a person’s bodily autonomy, their freedom of movement, voluntary commerce/business, or freedom of association, and

WHEREAS; an individual’s medical status should be a confidential matter that cannot be used as a basis for discrimination or placing limits on freedom, and

WHEREAS; we find the idea of creating separate classes of people, only one of which is allowed to freely participate in activities, commerce,  and travel, within the United States abhorrent and contrary to the ideas of freedom and liberty

THEREFORE; be it resolved that the Libertarian Party of Georgia stands in stark defiance of all attempts by government to interfere with civil liberties and livelihood of individuals in response to COVID19.  We oppose vaccine passports, any government mandated documentation, surveillance, restrictions, mandates, or laws which tread on the rights of the people. We stand in service of those seeking freedom and advocate for their liberty.

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