Who is Andrew Hunt?

andrew_hunt_2We know about Carter and Deal, but who is Andrew Hunt? By Raoul Duke III

The 2014 Georgia gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Though there has been much talk and coverage about the Republican candidate Nathan Deal and the Democratic candidate Jason Carter, there has been little reference to the Libertarian candidate Andrew Hunt. Who is Hunt and what does he stand for? Read more at Peachtree NORML

“I am an engineer and innovator who wants to solve problems in the most cost effective ways,” Hunt said. “I work my faith in God to carry out Christ’s teachings of love and not judging people. I firmly believe we need to give people a hand up and reduce handouts. Effectively enabling people to be capable and independent produces less need for social support. I, also, believe we do not need law makers, but instead need law erasers that will restore our freedoms and rights. Government should not determine the ‘right way’ to live life nor restrict personal choices.” Andrew Hunt

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