If you stand for Liberty, then you have only one choice on the ballot this November for U.S. Senate out of Georgia, whether you are Libertarian, Republican, or Independent. Last night, we watched on as David Purdue edged Jack Kingston in the U.S. Senate primary run off for Republicans. Purdue who is known for being smooth yet arrogant has been under constant scrutiny from Republicans this whole race. He has been said to be more of a Liberal Democrat, and there was more negativity surrounding campaigns against him than I have seen in the past when it comes to statewide Georgia races. Well, you now have Michelle Nunn (D), David Purdue (R-d), and our Liberty lady Amanda Swafford (L) for the U.S. Senate race. If you stand for Liberty, your vote November 4th must go to the Liberty lady or else you may be part of our problem.
David Purdue has been under a microscope since he entered the race. He has been viewed as the out of touch candidate from a family of Democrats and his arrogance has been topic more than what other candidates can do to actually help our state and nation. Mailers, TV ads, emails, and Facebook posts just ripping the guy to pieces by Republicans. What did I see after it was official that Purdue had defeated 22 year career politician Jack Kingston? Immediate backing for David Purdue by some of the people hitting Purdue over the head for not being Republican enough. This makes me begin questioning your existence in the political realm. Are you truly for Liberty? Are you actually nothing more than an Establishment Republican? If you stand for Liberty, you don’t immediately jump onto the bandwagon of the ‘Liberal Democrat-like’ Republican. You can only support Liberty lady, Amanda Swafford.

Amanda Swafford is a dedicated woman with the right amount of experience without being a career politician. She knows what to expect in D.C. and most importantly she knows that Liberty for All is the direction needed to stabilize our economy. I encourage you to vote for Amanda Swafford in the name of Liberty as she will hold her word to stay true to principle. If you jump on the establishment bandwagon of a ‘Liberal Democrat-like’ Republican, you should be ashamed of your lack of principles. If you are an elected official turned from bashing the ‘Liberal Democrat-like’ David Purdue to rooting for him, then you are part of the problem and your lack of principles will be remembered come next election cycle.


By: Brock Gallops, Political Activist & Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party of the Chattahoochee Valley


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