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The Georgia LibertyCast: Second Chance for Georgia, Isakson’s Seat, Georgia Budget Cuts, Government Shuts Down Preschool Farm Stand

Ryan Graham and Laura Williams, our Chair and Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, discuss the news of the day.

Few people know how bad expungement laws are in Georgia and the effects that those laws have on over 40% of adults in Georgia. The Libertarian Party of Georgia has signed on to Second Chance for Georgia to help expand expungement laws in Georgia! Find out more on their website.

Governor Kemp is taking an interesting approach to determining his appointment for the open Senate seat due to Senator Isakson’s resignation. He is asking for resumes and publishing them online once they’ve been redacted.

Speaking of Governor Kemp, he’s asking for a majority of government agencies to cut their budgets by 4%. Is this a reduction of the size and scope of government?

A preschool in Forest Park, GA is being asked to stop it’s bi-monthly farm stand due to zoning regulations. Produce is grown from seed to ripe by preschoolers and then sold within their community, but we can’t have too many farm stands… I guess?

We have a guest update for the 2020 Annual LP Georgia convention! Head to the convention page to learn more and get your tickets today!

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