Meeting Minutes – May 13th, 2019

Auto-approved June 10th


Chairman Ryan Graham called the meeting to order at approximately 7:07 PM.

The following members were in attendance; Ryan Graham, Laura Williams, Amber Howell, David Barker, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Aylworth, Elizabeth Melton, Allen Buckley, John Monds and Ted Metz.
Other participants were Tim Smith.

A motion to approve the May agenda was made by Stephanie Aylworth. Motion carries.


Chairman’s Report (Ryan Graham)
Ryan will attend Freedom Works in Washington DC next week for lobbying. Ryan and Laura attended the Georgia Justice Reform Partnership (GJRP) meeting today for a strategy and networking session. Affiliate support group can help give GJRP contacts across the state for collaboration. $10,132 has been pledged for the Ballot Access fundraiser, $9,962 has been collected so far. LP National sent us $1,000 out of their discretionary fund. June 5th is the deadline for the ballot access lawsuit to file for summary judgement. Ryan has been asked to do a declaration. Ryan was on The Rebellion over the weekend to talk about ballot access and will be on the We Are Libertarians podcast later this week. Chris Cooper has stepped down.


Vice Chair’s Report (Laura Williams)
The form for affiliates and committees is now available and the non-disclosure agreement has been added as requested.

Treasurer’s Report (Evan Durkovic)

The treasurer’s report was distributed via email to all ExComm members on May 13th.


Committee Reports

Ballot Access (Mark Mosley)
Committee has had their first meeting.

Convention (Stephanie Aylworth)
Committee will hold meeting in May. Looking at doing convention in Cobb County but is open to suggestions. Will discuss fundraising at meeting.

Communications (Stephanie Aylworth)
Submissions are needed for blog.

We had 235 members at the end of last year. We had 230 as of April. Email has been sent to past members to renew.

Fundraising (Bobby Rouse)
Members have been phone banking for ballot access fundraiser.

Outreach Committee (Chris Cooper)
Chair is vacant. LPath had a tent at the human rights festival. Meetup being planned in West Georgia. LP Augusta is looking for volunteers for Augusta Pride.

Affiliate Support (Elizabeth Melton)
No update.

Candidate Support (Nathan Wilson)
Nathan will also testify for the ballot access lawsuit. Putting together information for candidates. Trying to encourage people to run at the local level and organizing training events.

Public Policy (Laura Williams)
No update.

IT (Ryan Graham)
Created an ExComm resources page. Uploaded contacts to mailchimp.

Outstanding resolutions for the Ralston issue and for budget updates to be voted on by electronic vote.

Old Business

New Business

There are 3 Executive Committee vacancies. Nominations will be taken at the next meeting. Harris nominated by Elizabeth Melton, seconded by Ted Metz. Amanda Brown nominated Seth Benton, seconded by Amber Howell.


A motion to adjourn was made by David Barker .

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm.




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