Meeting Minutes – June 10th, 2019

Auto-approval Pending


Chairman Ryan Graham called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 PM.

The following members were in attendance; Ryan Graham, Laura Williams, Amber Howell, John Monds, Elizabeth Melton, David Barker, Christine Austin, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Aylworth, Bobby Rouse, Allen Buckley, Seth Benton, and Ted Metz.

A motion to approve the June agenda was made by Ted Metz. Motion carries.


Stephen Nekalia gave the LNC report.


Chairman’s Report (Ryan Graham)
Ryan has been phone banking for ballot access and written a couple letters to the editor, and has filed his declaration for the ballot access lawsuit.


Vice Chair’s Report (Laura Williams)
We have a donor for local radio ads, would like to gear those towards membership, donations and general understanding of what the LP is. Would possibly need to allow a line item for text line.

Treasurer’s Report (Evan Durkovic)

The treasurer’s report was distributed via email to all ExComm members on June 10th.


Committee Reports

Ballot Access (Mark Mosley)
Committee has organized with some lawyers to make a plan of action for signature gathering.

Convention (Stephanie Aylworth)
Committee will hold conference call June 11th to discuss the date and location of convention.

Communications (Stephanie Aylworth)
Three articles were published last month, two are in the queue. Podcasts will focus on state party and will start in the coming weeks.

Membership (vacant)
We have lost 5 members last month, Ryan has contacted old members to ask them to rejoin.

Fundraising (Bobby Rouse)
Plan to raise $15,000 for ballot access, $10,000 has already been raised. Will continue to push for donations and membership.

Outreach Committee (vacant)
Augusta Pride is June 21-22. LP has planned to have a booth, volunteers are welcome.

Affiliate Support (Elizabeth Melton)
Currently editing the new affiliate packet, have individuals interested in starting affiliates Lagrange and Dublin. There are 10 active affiliates currently.

Candidate Support (Nathan Wilson)
Committee has been reaching out to potential candidates and has made a “how to run for office” page on the website.

Public Policy (Laura Williams)
Committee has put together a policy priority list. There are only 4 items that have people actively working on them.

IT (Ryan Graham)
No updates.

No resolutions.

Old Business
Motion filed for summary judgement on Ballot access lawsuit.
Ryan Graham made a motion to vote Seth Benton and Zeb Harris onto Executive Committee in the At Large position. Motion carries unanimously.

New Business

No new business.

A motion to adjourn was made by David Barker.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:00 pm.




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