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Libertarian Party of Georgia Endorses Devon Spiva for Athens-Clarke County Commission

Athens, GA – The Libertarian Party of Georgia has endorsed Devon Spiva in his candidacy for Athens-Clarke County Commissioner, District 10. 

“Devon understands the concerns of the people of Athens, and backs real solutions that prioritize individual freedoms, not top-down control,” said Ryan Graham, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. “Affordable housing is scarce – Devon demonstrates how zoning regulations prevent new construction. He backs a ‘parallel ordinance’ to reduce the harm done by minor drug arrests. Most importantly, he builds alliances with organizations in Athens with common goals, instead of attacking them over differences. As such, his work exemplifies what LP Georgia is all about.”

Spiva is focusing on reforming the criminal justice system, reducing barriers to affordable housing, and promoting transparency. His priorities and approach to change resonate with the goals of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. 

“I am proud to have the support of the Libertarian Party of Georgia in my run for Athens-Clarke County Commissioner,” Spiva writes. “As commissioner, I will continue to advocate for policies that expand the liberties of the people of Athens, such as non-arrest citations for cannabis possession and an extension of the county’s current curfew.”

Spiva has also promoted increased accountability and transparency for the County Commission, criticizing the trend toward rushed votes, closed-door meetings, and secretive settlements. He aims to be an advocate for ordinary people who reject these dealings.

Election Day is May 19, 2020. If you’d like to support Devon Spiva for County Commissioner, please visit his Facebook Page or Instagram, or consider making a donation to the campaign to support liberty in Athens. 


The Libertarian Party of Georgia is committed to America’s heritage of individual freedoms, limited government, and social tolerance. We value a free market economy of innovation and prosperity, a foreign policy of peace and non-intervention, and liberty and justice for all. If this sounds like you, learn more about what we do and what we stand for. You can find a libertarian affiliate in your community, join us at community service events and business meetings every month, or just sign up to let us know you’re interested. A world of peace, prosperity, and personal freedom is possible. Be a part of making it happen.




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