Johns Creek Drones Up

(This  topic was submitted by Winston, a local libertarian in Johns Creek)

Winston posted some comments at a local blog which caught my eye and my brain.  It really got me to thinking on the militarization going on around us at all levels.

Would the Federal Government be able to continue to expand its monitoring of us without the help of local governments?  Why are local governments so willing to do the heavy lifting for the Federal government?

It’s always done with the promise of Federal dollars and that it will somehow make us safer, get us home faster, or whatever the hot button is for safety.

The technology gets installed, and I have to be certain that the Feds have the ability to address and watch(if not direct) any video or audio feed that they access.

Are we a better society for all of this?  Are we really safer?  Or do we just have video for the five o’clock news as to what happened, entertaining the masses and diverting their attentions from the real issues?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide.

But if we do not check this rapid growth of devices that invade our privacy, we will never be able to consider ourselves a free people.  A free people have privacy.  Privacy was whittled away at first.  But now we see it being taken in larger and larger chunks.

The worst part?  We are paying for most of this technology out of our own pockets.  From our cell phones to our smart tvs to our autos, we are already under surveillance 24/7.

Is there anything we can do about it?  I am not sure.  I would probably say it is too late.

But what you must do is elect officials that will NOT be tempted to misuse the surveillance powers that they have.  That means that you must choose your candidates very carefully.

Elect a charismatic egotistical leader, and rest assured, everything you say will be used against you.

Even if you say it in the privacy of your own home.

Think and vote for candidates that will work to respect and restore your privacy.

There’s only one party that has proven that their candidates meet that description.

The Libertarian Party.  The Party of Principle(POP).  Put a little more POP in your life.  Support the Libertarian Party, because we support you.







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