David Ralston

Libertarian Party of Georgia Calls for Removal of “Special Status” for Lawyers in State Government

A quirk of the Georgia code provides a way for lawyers who also serve in the state General Assembly to postpone cases almost indefinitely. Not only does this special right that makes it easier for lawyers to get elected and re-elected (farmers and carpenters can’t shirk their work and still get paid), but it provides an excuse to delay justice.

Speaker David Ralston is a defense attorney, who requested more than a thousand of these special constituencies to delay lawful prosecution of more than 200 of his personal clients. He collected hundreds of thousands of dollars from accused predators, rapists, domestic abusers, then used the continuance exception to keep them out of jail for years.

This resolution from the Libertarian party condemns the special preference and asks that it be removed from state law. We’re also asking for accountability for Speaker David Ralston and others who’ve been abusing this policy to enrich themselves by delaying and denying justice for victims.

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