Creative Loafing Covers Georgia Libertarian Campaign – Andrew Hunt

1402512026-andrew_hunt_2 Georgia Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hunt meets with media at state capitol 

“In this year’s gubernatorial election, Atlanta nanotech entrepreneur Andrew Hunt is aiming to attract more than the usual nano-vote for the Libertarian Party (see what we did there?).

“I’m not in here just to get five percent,” Hunt said during a sit-down today at the Capitol. At least half the voters are dissatisfied with both parties, as proven by polls and low turnout, he said. And thus, the opportunity for a third party candidate.

Hunt calls himself a “moderate” Libertarian and said he thinks his message of fiscal conservativeness, smaller government, and social liberalism will resonate with voters.

“We need more liberty … that means don’t control peoples’ lives,” he said.”

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