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CALL TO ACTION – Cajun Navy and Liberty Coalition Team Up for Disaster Relief

The Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief and the Cajun Navy, both grassroots disaster response organizations, are teaming up to bring much needed relief to North Carolinians effected by Hurricane Florence. A supply distribution center has been set up at 320 Military Cutoff Rd. in Wilmington and boats and helicopters are working to distribute donations to those in need.

“We are airlifting and boating supplies to shelters daily.” said Tom Bever, United Cajun Navy Organizer. “From there, we are working with Search and Rescue to get supplies to people who can’t make it to shelters.”

Supplies and volunteers are running low and help is needed to keep things running. Volunteers can organize donation drives in their own communities and contact local trucking companies or Liberty Coalition for Disaster Relief to help organize shipments. Cashwell Appliance Parts, in Virginia as well as North and South Carolina, are also currently accepting donations to be shipped to staging areas.

“Florence victims just aren’t getting the attention they might in other disasters. The storm losing some steam before it hit seems to have given people the feeling that it wasn’t as bad as it was. People are still flooded out. People have lost everything. They’re hungry. They’re in need of supplies. We need volunteers.” said, LCDR Founder, Brent DeRidder.

Non-perishable foods, water, medical and hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and baby items are all items in high demand. Currently, shelters seem to be stocked up on clothing items. Volunteers can also sign up on LCDR’s open google doc on their facebook at or by contacting them at [email protected].

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