April 2019 – Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – April 8th, 2019

Chairman Ryan Graham called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 PM.

The following members were in attendance; Ryan Graham, Laura Williams, Amber Howell, John Monds, Elizabeth Melton, David Barker, Christine Austin, Michel Powell, Amanda Brown, Sam Thomas, Jay Guidry, Bobby Rouse, Chris Cooper, Nathan Wilson, and Ted Metz.

A motion to approve the April agenda was made by Ryan Graham. Motion carries.

Chairman’s Report (Ryan Graham)
Goals for Executive Committee are $250 in donations from each member and one resolution each month. Will have a strategic planning meeting sometime mid-year to third quarter. Affiliate Support Committee has no chair currently, goals are to have two new affiliate training, create a packet for new affiliates, and raise the affiliate count. Mark Mosley will chair the Ballot Access committee. Nathan Wilson will chair the Candidate Support Committee, goals are to get 15 candidates this year, hold 3 trainings a year, and create new candidate packet. Stephanie Aylworth will chair the Communications Committee, goals are to generate a quarterly newsletter, publish one blog post a week, one podcast a month and two press releases a month. Convention Committee will be chaired by Stephanie Aylworth, goals are to raise $5,000 from convention and to book the convention venue by August 1st.  Fundraising Committee will be Chaired by Bobby Rouse, the goals are to raise $30,000, and host 2 fundraising events. IT Committee will be chaired by Ryan Graham. There is no chair for membership Committee, the goals are to create a new member packet and raise the number of members to 400. The Outreach Committee will be chaired by Chris Cooper, goals are to hold 1 outreach event per month and to gather 240 contacts for the year and create a list of potential outreach opportunities across the state. Public Policy Committee will be chaired by Laura Williams.

Affiliates can now edit their own pages on the state website. We will need to file electors this year. Filing dates will be in March of next year. Refunds from the Secretary of State office should be in this week and will be put in the leveling fund.

Vice Chair’s Report (Laura Williams)
There were two successful fundraising raffles at convention, the $100 raffle fee was waived, An April Fools column was published earlier in the week about the DEA recognizing its own ineffectiveness that generated a bump in online traffic. For communications a legislation wrap-up will be published soon. April 12this global day of action on military spending, followed by cannabis, articles for 420, then antiwar pieces for Memorial Day. Need an informed person to update on lawsuit. Anyone wanting to contribute articles please send them through the Communications Committee. There is the barebones of the Affiliate tracking document available for events we should be participating in as a party. Document is sorted by different variables and has all necessary information included. An affiliate and committee reports google form has been created for ExComm meetings.

Treasurer’s Report(Evan Durkovic)
The treasurer’s report was distributed via email to all ExComm members on April 8th.

Committee Reports

Ballot Access (Mark Mosley)
No Update

Convention (Stephanie Aylworth)
Would like to schedule a post-mortem next month to begin working on next year’s convention and schedule a committee meeting. Primary focus for the next six months is fundraising and venue selection, volunteers needed.

Communications (Stephany Aylworth)
Still seeking blog posts and podcasts.


Fundraising (Bobby Rouse)
No update.

Outreach Committee (Chris Cooper)
Would like a contact for all affiliates.

Affiliate Support

Candidate Support (Nathan Wilson)
Will be looking for other volunteers and trying to meet with candidates that have already signed up.

Public Policy (Laura Williams)

IT (Ryan Graham)
Created a committee application page, published bylaws and platform on website. There is now a place for minutes to be published to the website. Every member should now have an LPGa email. Phone numbers for ExComm members are available if needed. Executive Committee page is updated on the website, if anyone wants their picture on the website please send Ryan a headshot. Photos need to be professional. Mailing list for ExComm is created as well.

Old Business

Ryan Graham made a motion to adopt the finalized version of the Speaker of the House resolution. Resolution tabled.

We are currently awaiting either a decision or a trial for the Ballot Access Lawsuit. Need to fundraise to pay Bryan Sells for out-of-pocket expenses.

New Business

Ted Metz motioned to approve Libertarian Party of SCRS affiliate, seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed unanimously.
Ted Metz moved to remove ROAM conference center from expenditures section in the budget, seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed unanimously. Ted Metz moved to add a line item expenditure to the budget to pay the Executive Director, seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed Unanimously. Ted Metz moved to add a fundraising line item expenditure of $15,000 to pay Brian Sells for the Ballot Access Lawsuit, seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed Unanimously. Ted Metz moved to add a fundraising line item expenditure of $550 a month through December 2019, seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed unanimously.
There are two openings on ExComm; PSC 3 and At-Large. Nominations will be taken at next meeting.

Amber Howell moved to amend the policy manual to reflect how modifications can happen; modification of substance (changes the meaning) must be approved by ExComm, syntax modifications (do not change the meaning) and must be approved by the Chair and Vice Chair. Second by Ted Metz. Chris Cooper moved to amend the motion to include one other member of the body in approval of syntax errors. Passed unanimously. Motion as amended passed unanimously. Ted Metz moved to add director title to appropriate committee chairs, seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed unanimously. Ted Metz moved to add to section 8.1.1 in the policy manuel, to create the approved staff of Executive Director and Fundraiser. Seconded by Chris Cooper. Passed unanimously. Chris Cooper moved to ask for proof of membership from Northwest Georgia, Savannah, Camden and Henry affiliates, Ted Metz seconded. Motion to amend the motion to include Cherokee County. Seconded. Passed unanimously. Original motion as amended passed unanimously.

A motion to adjourn was made by Amber Howell, seconded by Nathan Wilson.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:48 pm.




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