Libertarian Convention 2018

AJC: Libertarians 1st National Party to Nominate Candidates Entirely Online

Libertarians have pioneered another political first – this weekend, we’ll nominate our candidate for President of the United States in a transparent, all-virtual political convention.

Read coverage in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Libertarians to be first to nominate a presidential candidate via virtual convention.”

Libertarians have led by example on policy reform since 1972. In questions of liberty and transparent, accountable government, the DNC/RNC parties have trailed libertarians AND American public opinion for decades.

We’ve also tried to lead on transparency, making our meetings public and our delegate systems available to anyone who wants to learn more. In 2020, we will lead the way again with an all-online, all independently funded nominating convention and primary balloting.  Our policy and tech teams have been working hard to ensure a functioning parliamentary system and secure representation for all 1,045 delegates and 50 state delegations.  Amid a public health crisis, Libertarian electors and Libertarian candidates offer personal responsibility and innovative solutions to the problem of social distancing in an election year. The ruling parties can’t solve your problems. They can’t even solve their own problems. If the unconstitutional War on Drugs and LGBTQ equality are any indication, they’ll be 30 years behind Libertarians.

Don’t miss the shout-out in the AJC article to Georgia’s only 2020 President Candidate. Libertarian John Monds has gotten 1.8 million votes from Georgians and he’s a front-runner heading into our nominating convention. Get to know John’s  anti-war, anti-War-on-Drugs, anti-discrimination, anti-corruption Anti-Platform of things government can just stop doing.

We encourage you to take a look at our platform, learn about our candidates, and look for the little “L” on your ballot in November. We’ll be excited to announce our candidate by name, this Memorial Day weekend, live in your living room.

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