A Resolution for Voting System Integrity


  1. Until the advent of electronic voting systems, ballots cast in America had always been verifiable and re-countable to the level of voter intent.
  2. Voter confidence in Georgia’s current voting system has increasingly eroded with constant news of problems with our electronic system’s vulnerability to hacking and the lack of verifiable recounts
  3. Georgia’s current DieBold DRE System was known to be unverifiable before Secretary of State Cathy Cox implemented it.
  4. Concerned Georgia citizens have been advising the state on replacing the DieBold system since before it was implemented and have not stopped.
  5. Cybersecurity experts from around the world warn us that there is no such thing as a safe, secure, un-alterable electronic voting system.
  6. Georgia is one of only 5 states to still employ an unverifiable voting system.
  7. To demonstrate that the only secure, safe from hacking system is a human readable paper document, be it known the top US agencies have implemented the policy that their most secret documents only exist on paper.

Be It Resolved That:

The Libertarian Party of Georgia only supports a voting system that is designed and guaranteed to be:

  • Secure and safe from hacking or alteration.
  • Produces a human readable paper archive that is re-countable to the level of voter intent.
  • Does not use any computer interface between voter input and ballot production.
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