Press Release: Former Republican State Representative Ken Pullin Joins Libertarian Party

Griffin, GA, September 1, 2021: Ken Pullin, former Georgia State Representative, has officially joined the Libertarian Party of Georgia. Pullin was elected in 2018 in a race against incumbent, Johnnie Caldwell, and served District 131 until 2020. He made the decision to not seek reelection at the end of his term.

“When I got to the Capitol, I quickly realized it wasn’t as advertised,” stated Pullin. “The Republican leadership was more interested in growing government and maintaining power than focusing on liberty and small-government policies.  Leadership would routinely partner with Democrats to push through big government policies, and showed no interest in unconstitutional gun laws, civil asset forfeiture, cannabis laws, lack of ballot access, or school choice.  There is basically zero difference between Republicans and Democrats in Atlanta.”

Asked about his decision to join the Libertarian Party, he responded, “The LP is the only party that shares my views on liberty, personal responsibility, and economic freedom.  Government tries to be the solution to all problems, when in fact, it creates and makes problems worse.  I saw first-hand while serving in the House the negative impact big-government policies had on people and business.”

Pullin felt driven to reenter the political realm and to try to make a positive difference. “I have the experience and skills to really help the LP grow, recruit new people, and promote our platform and ideas.  I also think we can start to wake people up to how bad both parties are and that they have another option when election time comes around. I’m looking forward to helping with ballot access measures and recruiting candidates to run for office around the State.”

Ryan Graham, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, agreed. “Georgians are realizing more and more that the old parties protect their own interests—not the People’s. We’re happy to have Representative Pullin join us in the fight for individual liberties over big government control, and encourage any voter fed up with their (mis)representation to check out our platform and get to know us better.”

About The Libertarian Party of Georgia

The Libertarian Party of Georgia is a state affiliate of the national Libertarian Party. “The Party of Principle” strongly opposes government interference in personal, family, and business decisions, believing that all Americans should be free to live their lives and pursue their interests as they see fit as long as they do no harm to others.

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