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June 27, 2018

Georgia’s Ballot Access Laws are the Worst in the Nation

It’s a hot 95 degree and humid Sunday afternoon and I’m getting a tutorial from Mark Mosely, a Libertarian party […]
June 24, 2018

Juneteenth-Not Free by Tim Smith

Today is Juneteenth, which is a holiday for some blacks (and other folks) who celebrate the emancipation of slaves-June, 19th. […]
June 19, 2018
The Georgia LibertyCast

The Georgia LibertyCast: Meet the GA Secretary of State candidate Smythe DuVal!

Please join host Brent Hilburn as he talks with GA Secretary of State candidate Smythe DuVal. Information about each candidate […]

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Will just leave this right here ❤️💕❤️💕💕 ... See MoreSee Less

Will just leave this right here ❤️💕❤️💕💕


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Gary has the right platform but he was a terrible candidate, and the purists and anarchists have basically set back the party by a couple decades.

Well you had a guy in Austin Peterson that would of had a better shot but nope the people in charge of selecting candidates thought a bunch of former republicans would do a better job.Epic fail.

Most of the comments on this post: Only 90% libertarian? Boo! I demand 100% perfect imaginary candidate! Let's divide ourselves into even smaller numbers!

Bad candidate? Perhaps. Worst candidate of the election year? Frick no.

Which is why nobody took us seriously

No thanks. I wrote in Rand Paul. Gary "Bake the cake" Johnson is as statist as they come. He's practically the embodiment of the "hip college only cares about smoking pot" libertarian. That's not a Libertarian, that's a progressive statist who literally praised and campaigned for Hillary. Now maybe if the LP had nominated Austen Peterson THEN you'd have a claim for this meme.

If people think Gary wasnt the right candidate. Just wait till weld tries to run. That'll be a joke.

It’s this way because he was on the ballot

Terrible candidate. Gary "bake em" Johnson. Austin Peterson destroyed him in the debate

I only vote for libertarians who understand that life is principal to enjoying liberty.

What's Aleppo?

If anyone thinks they wouldnt do exactly what they are doing to Trump to any libertarian President you have lost your mind.. Outsiders are not welcome!

I voted Libertarian out of spite for Bill Weld. It's the last thing he would have wanted.

He has become the reason that nobody will take the libertarian party seriously. Aaaaaaaand I did vote for him for the obvious reason of trump or Hillary. Almost wrote in Rand Paul tho

He was so high most of the time he couldn't answer questions correctly and he ran with Bill Weld.....

Yeah, too bad he shit the bed on a golden opportunity.

if they hadn't sucked up to hilary and/or ran a candidate with some charisma they could have won it

If he hadn't been such a Hilary apologist he would have had a ton of support.

he is no libertarian

He was better than the two other crack pots..

People could have voted for the lesser of three evils instead of two.

Just bake the damn Aleppo. This guy is a joke Rand Paul could have actually grown the party and libertarian principles

Oh boy....

I voted for him.

What's Aleppo?

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No law is so trivial that the government will not kill you over it 😞😞😞 ... See MoreSee Less

No law is so trivial that the government will not kill you over it 😞😞😞


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Yes, I’ll profess that selling loose cigarettes shouldn’t be a crime. However, the time to fight that is in the court room, not on the sidewalk. Garner chose death over incarceration, as he could have ceased fighting long before his health was compromised.

If you can talk you can breathe

BLM went about their actions all wrong. Instead of acting like children in the streets they could have been adults in the courts and fought to change the laws.

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