Our Newest LP101 In North Fulton

Our Newest LP101 In North Fulton

“Are libertarians just librarians that take liberties? Why is a Libertarian Party even necessary? Aren’t you guys just Republicans?”

On May 12th, we hosted our first LP101 seminar to a packed room, even after moving to a larger space.  The success cost several potential attendees to miss out on the hour-long seminar designed to introduce the beliefs and ideals of the Libertarian Party, as well as to discuss how we stand apart from the old, tired other parties to new, prospective, and even longtime members to the Libertarian Party of Georgia.  We worked to schedule another one as close as possible, both geographically and on the calendar.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this part of our website is a portal to information about our principles, stances on issues, links to Libertarian sites, how to get involved, and information on our one hour seminar, LP 101!

Please share this portal with friends that are looking for more information on the party.

Our next seminar will begin Saturday, January 19th at 11 AM at the Roswell Library meeting room.  Soon, local organizers will hold these classes across Georgia.

Get introduced to the new seminar here.

Register for LP101 here.  You can share this Facebook event with friends who might be interested.

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