October Meeting Minutes

Chairman Ryan Graham called the meeting to order at approximately 7:05 PM, October 14th, 2019.

The following members were in attendance; Ryan Graham, Laura Williams, Amber Howell, John Monds, Elizabeth Melton, David Barker, April Brown, Christine Austin, Chase Oliver, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Aylworth, Allen Buckley, Seth Benton, and Ted Metz.

Other participants were: Brian Sells, Stephen Nekalia

A motion to approve the October agenda was made by Ryan Graham. Motion carries.

Stephen Nekalia gave the LNC report. Deadline for delegates is October 31st.

Brian Sells gave an update on the ballot access lawsuit. The district court ruled against the LPGa on summary judgement. An appeal was filed, and Brian plans to file a petition to expedite the appeal. Estimated costs for appeal is $1000.

Old Business
Devon Spiva endorsement passed, and voting has been closed out. There are 2 open seats on ExCom.

New Business
We are in the top ten for per capita for membership and can now make a LP National platform committee appointee. Nominations are open. Ryan made a motion to add $12 to the budget to pay for the podcast platform. Second by Elizabeth. Passed unanimously.

Chairman’s Report (Ryan Graham)
No update.

Vice Chair’s Report (Laura Williams)
Well received by Atlanta PRIDE. PRIDE pins were sold, next year rainbow Gasden flags may be sold because a lot of people asked about them.

Secretary’s Report (Amber Howell)
Minutes uploaded. No outstanding votes currently.

Treasurer’s Report (Evan Durkovic)
The treasurer’s report was distributed via email to all ExCom members on October 22nd.

Committee Reports

Ballot Access (Mark Mosley)
Committee report sent to ExCom members on October 14th.

Convention (Stephanie Aylworth)
Venue has been booked for $2250. Food costs will be reported at the next meeting. Venue for Saturday night reception is $500 with a $700 drink cost. Presidential debate scheduled for Sunday, currently have 2 candidates. Still taking proposals for rapid fire session. Will do silent auction and 50/50 raffle again, looking for auction items.

Membership (Bobby Rouse)
177 active memberships, up from 168.

Fundraising (Vacant)
Needing $600 for ballot access lawsuit, raised $1238 for convention.

Outreach Committee (vacant)
Need someone to organize other types of events.

Affiliate Support (Elizabeth Melton)
Reached out LaGrange and Cherokee.

Candidate Support (Nathan Wilson)
Still only have 1 official candidate, need more.

Public Policy (Laura Williams)
Policy suggestions needed other than the topics covered by organizations we already work with. Laura moved to spend $100 on sponsorship for Peachtree Norml’s veteran’s day event. Second by Bobby. Passed unanimously. Second Chance for Georgia event October 22nd.

IT (Ryan Graham)
No update.

Allen Buckley submitted A resolution to Support Financial Sanity Act. Voting tabled.

A motion to adjourn was made by John, second by Elizabeth.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:08 pm.

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