Libertarians Disappointed At Voting Machine Ruling

The Libertarian Party of Georgia (LPGa) questions the rationale for the dismissal of the law suit filed by VOTER GA ( concerning the validity of Georgia’s electronic voting machines. At a summary judgment hearing yesterday, Fulton Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson upheld the defendant’s motion to dismiss the case.

James Bell, director of communications for LP Georgia, said he was disappointed in the judge’s ruling. “It seemed the facts were on our side”, said Bell. “The Libertarian Party and its members oppose any system of voting that does not provide for a clear method by which individual votes and vote totals may be fully and independently verified.”

LPGa State chairman Daniel Adams said there are too many problems with electronic voting. “We need a voting system that is auditable and secure, the system we have now is not”, said Adams. “I would like to see an electronic voting system that protects the citizens, but until then, I choose a proven method over convenience”, Adams said referring to a paper ballot.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia would like to thank Garland Favorito and the plaintiffs in the case for stepping up to the plate and bringing the voting machine issues to the forefront.

In a statement released after the judge’s ruling, Favorito said once they determine the rationale behind the ruling his organization would make a determination whether or not to continue with an appeal. “We may not be done yet”, said Favorito.

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