Libertarian Party of Georgia Heralds Victory in Athens-Clarke Cash Bail Reform


Atlanta, GAAfter months of lobbying and public statements by Libertarian Party spokespersons and other members of the community, Athens-Clarke County Mayor and County Commission voted unanimously to eliminate cash bail and bonds for non-violent misdemeanors. The measure adopted June 4 will amend local ordinance Sec. 3-5-36.  Supporters hope it will lessen the criminalization of poverty and the differential administration of justice by requiring due process by judge or jury before fines and jail time can be pursued.

Libertarian Party of Athens Chair April Brown made a stirring statement in support of the measure on Tuesday evening before the vote. Similar measures passed recently in Atlanta and other forward-looking jurisdictions aim to equalize treatment under the law, since those who can afford to pay bond or bail after their arrest may spend little to no time in custody, while those who cannot afford to pay may remain jailed for months before a trial date is set.

Research from criminal justice reform groups indicates cash bail and “pretrial detention” cost poor Georgians their jobs, custody of their children, their health, and their liberty, all without conviction for any crime. Because of the high costs imposed on the accused for court and confinement, each day spent in jail increases the likelihood of re-jailing.

“Athens still has work to do in our criminal justice system, particularly in our prison system,” said Brown after the vote. “Ending cash bail on nonviolent and victimless crimes is a great start! But it is only a start. We look forward to working with the Commission and our law enforcement organizations toward a fairer, freer Georgia.”

LP-Athens teamed up with Mokah Johnson and Kelly Happe with the Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement to advance the issue. April Brown, LP Athens Chair, stated: “Mokah, Kelly, and the Athens Anti discrimination movement laid the foundation with research and behind the scenes leg work. We were more than happy to partner with them to help get this issue some traction.” The LP also credits the Georgia Justice Project and local chapters of the NAACP with keeping the issue of bail reform on Georgians’ minds.

Supporters of such local improvements have reason to fear opposition from the state legislature. A statewide bill, introduced last session and backed by bail-bond companies that stand to lose business, would make it illegal for local jurisdictions to change their cash bail requirements. 

Georgians interested in reforming the bail, bond, and detention procedures which routinely victimize innocent Georgia families should contact their local affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. The party continues to prioritize criminal justice reform and equality of treatment under the law as part of its core philosophy.

PHOTO CREDIT: Foster Steinbeck, courtesy The Red & Black. “Libertarian Party of Athens Chair April Brown speaks to Athens mayor and commissioners in support of ending cash bail in Athens-Clarke County on Jun. 4 at City Hall.” 


The Libertarian Party of Georgia is committed to America’s heritage of individual freedoms, limited government, and social tolerance. We value a free market economy of innovation and prosperity, a foreign policy of peace and non-intervention, and liberty and justice for all. If this sounds like you, learn more about what we do and what we stand for. You can find a libertarian affiliate in your community, join us at community service events and business meetings every month, or just sign up to let us know you’re interested. A world of peace, prosperity, and personal freedom is possible. Be a part of making it happen.

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