Atlanta, July 26, 2016 — A debate request for the latter half of August by the Athens-Clarke County Library’s has not been responded to by Johnny Isakson or Democratic challenger Jim Barksdale. In contrast, Allen Buckley, the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s U.S. Senate candidate, immediately agreed to participate.

The Athens-Clarke County Library has put together a potential U.S. Senate debate, to take place during the second half of August. Debate inquiries were sent to the campaigns of Senator Isakson and challengers Jim Barksdale and Allen Buckley on or about July 12th. Only Buckley has responded to the inquiry. Buckley had previously expressed an interest in holding six one-hour debates, to take place weekly beginning in mid-September. Two challenge requests along those lines were not responded to by either Isakson or Barksdale.

Buckley said: “It is sad that Senator Isakson and Mr. Barksdale will not respond to the debate offer set forth by the Athens-Clarke County Library. Democracy demands debate. Our country has tremendous problems, and the people of Georgia need to know how the candidates stand on the issues. I remain willing to debate. I personally reached out to both campaigns about the proposed debates. No responses were received.”

Mr. Buckley is an attorney/CPA who has written and been published extensively with respect to tax, employee benefits and entitlements issues. He previously was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and 2008. In 2008, Mr. Buckley garnered 128,002 votes in the General Election, forcing a run-off between Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin. Mr. Buckley can be reached for comment at (404) 610-1936. Campaign manager Travis Klavohn can be reached at (404) 585-8556. Mr. Buckley’s campaign website

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