Georgia has the worst ballot access laws in the nation, with most races requiring thousands of signatures for a third party or independent candidate to appear on the ballot. Not coincidentally, the state also boasts the nation’s highest rate of uncontested races – just 20% of Georgians got to choose between two or more candidates for their state assembly seat. Democrats and Republicans have automatic access, and become de facto gatekeepers against potential competitors. Despite two dozen attempts since 1943, no non-duopoly candidate has ever cleared the hurdles to appear on the ballot for the U.S. House.

Ongoing legal action by The Libertarian Party of Georgia (LPGA) successfully reduced the signature requirement for statewide races from 50,000 to 7500. In 2017 ruling by the 11th Circuit upheld the ruling. But U.S. House races in still require more than 20,000 signatures, the standard no candidate has met (by duopoly design). LP Georgia filed an additional suit against then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp, now notorious for his many attempts to prevent voters from voting and non-Republican, non-Democrat alternatives being offered to those voters.

LP Georgia has been diligent in its efforts to overcome these access barriers both in the legislature and the courts. But the Powers That Be are putting up a fight and they’re hoping to drain resources from third parties and continue running their handpicked candidates unopposed. Please donate below to breakdown these ballot access barriers.

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