Please see descriptions for each committee below the application.

Team Descriptions:

The Ballot Access team creates and implements a plan to insure the maximum number of candidates are able to be named on the ballot in any given election year.

They come up with a budget proposal for each yearly budget to be submitted to the Executive Committee Chair a month prior to the February budget meeting. 

The Convention Committee oversees the planning and running of the LPGa yearly convention. This includes but is not limited to finding a location, booking space, finding catering, finding speakers, finding sponsors, setting the agenda, and advertising.

The Convention Committee makes recommendations for convention sites to the Executive Committee. On other matters concerning the Party’s conventions, the committee shall act on behalf of the Executive Committee, including:

  • Conveying requirements to convention planners.
  • Ensuring the convention meets the Party’s needs.
  • Establishing a proposed budget to be presented and approved by the Executive Committee.
  • Reviewing and approving major elements, such as contracts and the convention program in a timely manner.

Subcommittees include the Bylaws Committee and the Platform Committee. They come up with recommendations for edits for each at the yearly convention.

The Communications Committee oversees our general communications strategy and insures communications guidelines for all external communications.

Social Media, Graphic Design, Photography, and Writing all fall under the Communications team.

The Membership team is responsible for maintaining membership records, creating and implementing plans to increase membership, and responding to inquiries from membership.

The Fundraising team is responsible for creating and executing fundraising plans. This includes, but is not limited to, planning events, phone banks, and other ideas to raise money for the state party.

The Outreach team is responsible for finding, planning, and executing outreach events on behalf of the state party. They also assist local affiliates in the same.

The Outreach Committee is also responsible for interfacing with libertarian minded groups on campuses on behalf of the state party. Duties include maintaining lists of groups, which campus they are on, point person, and contact information, as well as reaching out to these groups when necessary on behalf of the party.

The Affiliate Support team identifies the needs and interests of the various local affiliates. 

The Affiliate Support team also assists in the recruiting and founding of new local affiliates.

The Candidate Support team is responsible for supporting Libertarian candidates and their campaigns. Duties include reaching out to those interested in being candidates to help them with next steps, candidate recruitment, campaign assistance, and interfacing between the state party and individual campaigns.

The Public Policy team is responsible for tracking legislation in various legislatures across Georgia, help to guide local affiliate activists in affecting their own local changes, determine legislative priorities for the party, and organize activism for prioritized public policy changes.

The IT team is responsible for implementing and maintaining IT Infrastructure.

The Youth Engagement team is responsible for helping to organize and support campus LP clubs.

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