February 2019 – Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – February 11th, 2019

Chairman Ted Metz called the meeting to order at approximately 7:04 PM.

The following members were in attendance; Ted Metz, Ryan Graham, Amber Howell, Nathan Wilson, Patrick Marcacci, Laura Williams, Brent Hillburn, April Brown, David Barker, John Turpish, Stephanie Aylworth, Aaron Gilmer, and John Monds.

Other Participants were: Steven Nekhalia

A motion to approve the January minutes was made by Stephanie Aylworth, seconded by Amber Howell. Motion carries. A motion to approve the December minutes was made by Stephanie Aylworth, seconded by John Turpish. Motion Carries. Nathan Wilson made a motion to amend the January minutes to include the December minutes, seconded by April Brown. Motion carries.

A motion to approve the February agenda was made by Amber Howell, Seconded by Nathan Wilson. Motion carries.

LNC Report

Steven Nekhalia gave the LNC report.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report was distributed via email to all Excom members on February 11 th.

Subcommittee Reports

Convention – Stephanie Aylworth

The hotel room block expires on February 22 nd . The convention agenda has been made, the programs will follow shortly. There are currently no vendors. The tentative deadline for final program submissions will be about a week prior to the convention. The reception will be held at Academia Brewery. Stephanie will receive a quote for food and drinks soon. Volunteers are needed for both registration and the reception.

Communications – Stephanie Aylworth

Press release for House Bill 191 is ready for distribution.

Affiliate Support – Ryan Graham

All affiliates need to have their conventions prior to the State convention.

Politics – Ryan Graham

No update

Public Policy – Ryan Graham

HB 191 has 3 democrats and one republican and has been assigned committee. Excom needs to focus on pushing and contacting representatives about the bill. There are no updates on Gwinnett Cash Bail. The Athens affiliate is working on presenting affordable housing options to the new administration in Athens. Need more sponsors for the Fully Informed Jury Act of 2019.

IT – Ryan Graham

The 2RM plugin has been updated.

Bylaws – Stephanie Aylworth

Draft of amended bylaws will be finished before next meeting and will be voted on at convention.

Campus Outreach

Campus organizations have been contacts, waiting on finalized reception plans to invite those members.

Vice Chair’s Report – Ryan Graham

The current budget has been updated and is ready for voting.

Chair’s Report – Ted Metz

Working on building coalitions. Push ballot access bill and Fully Informed Jury Education. We are starting to work on the silent auction for the convention, we also have to have a certain amount of raffle items to make it worth the $100 fee.

Old Business

We had a strategic planning session for committees last weekend. Working on creating new policy that is used to structure each committee that will be available next meeting. Stephanie Alyworth made a motion to authorize the convention committee to approve 3 scholarships for convention. Seconded by Ryan Graham. Motion carries.

There are 5 Executive committee vacancies; PSC-2, PSC-3, PSC-5, and 2 At-Large.

New Business

Monthly resolution is to support HB 191.

Atlanta PRIDE parade early bird registration will be February 14-20. Ted Metz made a motion to include $750 in the budget for Atlanta PRIDE, Stephanie Aylworth seconds. Motion carries.

Ryan Graham made a motion to approve the 2019 budget, Ted Metz seconded. Motion carries.


A motion to adjourn was made by David Barker, second by John Turpish.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:17 pm.

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