Armed College Student in Atlanta Kills Intruder And Saves Ten Innocent Lives

Libertarians are uncompromising in our support of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. There was a perfect illustration of the reason in College Park on Sunday (5/3/09) when a victim of a home invasion turned the tables on the attackers.

A group of ten college students was celebrating someone’s birthday in an off-campus apartment. Two masked thugs burst in with drawn guns, demanding “give me your wallets and cell phones.” One kept the men in the main room while the other herded the women into a bedroom.

At this point one thug asked his sidekick how many bullets he had. The chilling reply was “Enough.”

What the invaders did not know is that one of the male students had his own gun, and knew how to use it.

The unnamed student was able to retrieve his gun from his backpack and fired at thug number one, who went screaming into the night like a scared schoolgirl. The student then kicked down the bedroom door and fired at thug number two as the thug was raping one of the women. There was a brief exchange of gunfire before the thug escaped out a window, only to die on the sidewalk.

Scorecard: One dead home invader, and in news reports “Police said they are close to making the arrest of the second suspect.” One of the women was wounded in the crossfire but will make a full recovery. And ten innocent college kids are still alive today.

All because a law-abiding citizen owned and carried a gun.

Although the Cox media group is notoriously anti-gun, this link goes to a straightforward report that aired on WSB-TV Channel 2 in Atlanta (

The Libertarian Party of Georgia honors that smart, brave, and unnamed student for demonstrating how civilian gun ownership can save innocent lives. Now if only whatever college he attends allowed him to carry that gun on campus to thwart the next Virginia Tech incident…

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